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Version: Graph 2.0.0

Aerospike Graph Service 1.2.0 Release Notes

Aerospike Graph Service version 1.2.0 is now available.

December 18, 2023

New in this version

This version implements a variety of feature requests and improvements to enhance performance, usability and reliability.

New features

  • AGS collects usage statistics. (GRAPH-728)
  • AGS reports an explicit error if argument passed in is not used. (GRAPH-797)
  • Performance improvement for read queries touching supernodes. (GRAPH-814)
  • Set concurrentAccess to true in Graph.features. (GRAPH-816)
  • Expire vertices and edges based on creation timestamp TTL (time to live). (GRAPH-848)


  • Support for Java 17. (GRAPH-126)
  • Upgrade to TinkerPop 3.7.1. (GRAPH-740)
  • The Distributed Bulk Data Loader is now compatible with AGS versions 1.1.0 and 1.2.0.
  • The Bulk Data Loader now uses Spark version 3.4.1.