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Version: Graph 2.0.0

Aerospike Graph Service 2.0.0 Release Notes

March 12, 2024

Now available

New in this version

This version implements a variety of feature requests and improvements to enhance performance, usability and reliability.


The release of AGS 2.0.0 introduces breaking changes and is not compatible with data from 1.x releases. To upgrade and utilize the new features, data must be reloaded using the 2.0.0 bulk loader or through Gremlin statements (addV(), addE()) with the 2.0.0 AGS release. For data migration assistance from 1.x to 2.x, please contact Support.

New AGS features

  • Data model storage optimizations. 20% storage improvement with this version. (GRAPH-969)
  • Added new pagination support configuration options, and, for scans and secondary index queries to prevent timeout for long-running queries. (GRAPH-980)
  • Added new interface for index management using the call API. (GRAPH-739)
  • Added a new unified configuration mechanism for all AGS configuration options. (GRAPH-819)
  • Added a new HTTP endpoint for readiness and liveness probes for Helm chart. (GRAPH-903)
  • Added automatic maximum record size configuration at startup. (GRAPH-945)
  • New configuration nomenclature to differentiate option types. (GRAPH-985)
  • AGS now sanitizes configuration parameters from user input. (GRAPH-989)
  • Improved performance for queries traversing supernodes when using limit after in/out/inE/outE (GRAPH-941)

New Aerospike Bulk Loader features

  • Users can set configuration options to specify the number of allowable errors in source data files. (GRAPH-959)
  • Using an escaped colon in the header of a bulk load CSV file now adds an escape character to the vertex properties. (GRAPH-964)
  • Improvements to limit memory utilization when bulk loading data. (GRAPH-943)
  • Added checks to make bulk loader fail fast if the target database is not empty. (GRAPH-976)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug with Unexpected GremlinServerError when adding a mixed-type list as vertex property value. (GRAPH-916)
  • Fixed potential uncaught exception with concurrent edge and vertex drop. (GRAPH-958)
  • Fixed bug in which g.E(xxx).has(yyy) might raise predicate push down error. (GRAPH-992)
  • Fixed bug in which GraphSON wire protocol support was broken with upgrade to TinkerPop 3.7.x. (GRAPH-993)
  • Fixed bug in which AGS attempted to use secondary indexes before index creation was completed. (GRAPH-1006)