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Version: Graph 2.0.0

Access Control with Aerospike Graph

Role-based Access Control (RBAC) is a security feature of Aerospike Database Enterprise Edition. For information about setting up RBAC on your Aerospike Database deployment, see the documentation.

To use Aerospike Graph with an Aerospike Database deployment that has RBAC enabled, include the username and password credentials as configuration options when you start the Aerospike Graph Service Docker image.

The relevant configuration options are:

  • aerospike.client.user: username of authorized user
  • aerospike.client.password: password of authorized user

For a complete list of Aerospike Graph Service configuration options, see Installation.


In the following example, an RBAC-enabled Aerospike Database instance includes a user with the username admin and password password123. To start Aerospike Graph with that user's credentials, use the following command:

docker run -p8182:8182 -e aerospike.client.namespace="test" -e \"aerospike-host1:3000, aerospike-host2:3000" \
-e aerospike.client.user=admin \
-e aerospike.client.password=password123 \

TLS Setup

For information about setting up Aerospike Graph Service to use TLS, see the documentation.