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Vector glossary

It is important to become familiar with the following terms before diving further into the AVS documentation.

Vector-specific terms

The following terms are vector-specific:

HNSWHierarchical Navigable Small World (HNSW) is an algorithm for efficient approximate nearest neighbor search in high-dimensional spaces.
IndexA data structure or mechanism used to improve the speed and efficiency of data retrieval operations within a database or other data storage systems.
MetadataUser-supplied data that is written in records along with vector embeddings.
RAGRetrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) is a model that combines retrieval-based and generation-based approaches to generate more accurate and informative responses by augmenting generative models with retrieved documents.
Vector EmbeddingA numerical representation of data in a high-dimensional space, capturing essential features and relationships.

Aerospike-specific terms

The following are Aerospike-specific terms and their relational equivalents:

TermRelational EquivalentDescription
NamespaceDatabaseA logical separation of data within Aerospike. A namespace allows an administrator to define storage, availability, and consistency properties for the data within it.
SetTableAn organizational separation of data within Aerospike. A set allows an administrator to monitor usage of data within it.
(Vector) BinColumnA vector bin is the field on which you want to create your index from.
(Vector) RecordRowA vector record is all the data associated with a vector. This includes the vector itself, any metadata associated with the record, and a primary key for retrieving the record.