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Verify AVS feature key


The feature-key file is a cryptographically-signed list of enabled server features, issued upon purchase of a paid version of the Aerospike Database. Aerospike Database Enterprise Edition (EE) and Aerospike Database Standard Edition (SE) require a feature-key file to start up. Aerospike Database Community Edition (CE) does not use a feature-key file.

Aerospike EE includes a default feature-key file that provides a single-node evaluation for developers. Customers should swap in their production feature-key file before deploying to production.

Verify AVS feature-key

To use Aerospike Vector Search (AVS), you need a feature-key file with the vector-service option enabled, as shown in the following example. If the vector-service option is not enabled, AVS will not start.


This same feature key can be used for starting the Aerospike Database.

# generated 2024-02-23 19:31:59

feature-key-version 2
serial-number 12345

account-name Your Company
account-ID vector-trial

valid-until-date 2025-01-15

asdb-change-notification true
asdb-cluster-nodes-limit 0
asdb-compression true
asdb-encryption-at-rest true
asdb-flash-index true
asdb-ldap true
asdb-pmem true
asdb-rack-aware true
asdb-secrets true
asdb-strong-consistency true
asdb-vault true
asdb-xdr true
database-recovery true
elasticsearch-connector true
graph-service true
mesg-jms-connector true
mesg-kafka-connector true
presto-connector true
pulsar-connector true
spark-connector true
vector-service true

----- SIGNATURE ------------------------------------------------
MEY... ...mJA==
----- END OF SIGNATURE -----------------------------------------