demand-side platform

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What is a demand-side platform?

A demand-side platform is a marketing automation tool that helps mobile advertisers buy mobile, search and video ads from a marketplace where publishers list ad inventory.  A demand-side platform provides a way for managing ads across various real-time bidding networks.

Demand-side platforms run independently of networks like Facebook or Instagram. As third-party software, they provide advertisers with one place to buy, analyze and manage advertising across many networks.

One of the advantages of using a demand-side platform is greater efficiency. Since advertisers only have to use one dashboard, more information is available than from a single network. Ads can also be better targeted using the available data, which can lead to higher conversion rates.

Demand-side platforms are considered an important tool to mobile marketing because they are automated and provide a way for campaigns to easily be set up and managed. In addition, campaign performance can be seen in real time, providing a way for advertisers to make changes as needed to gain the greatest benefit.