Leading privacy-focussed global supply side platform Onetag to showcase how Aerospike has driven growth and role in the ad tech ecosystem

LONDON, UK— March 6, 2023Aerospike Inc., the real-time data platform leader, today announced its participation in Big Data & AI World (8-9 March 2023) in London. Showcasing its Aerospike Real-time Data Platform at stand B260 (Hall N4-N13), Aerospike will be joined by innovative programmatic advertising technology company OneTag, whose revenues grew by 4X in 2022.

Attended by thousands of technologists, data specialists, and AI pioneers, Big Data & AI World brings together business leaders and visionaries across all technology verticals to shape their digital future. The key themes underpinning this year’s summit include data strategy & decision intelligence, customer experience, advanced analytics & artificial intelligence, data privacy, security & governance, and data engineering & data architecture.

Aerospike’s Technology Evangelist, Behrad Babaee, will deliver a keynote speech in the Big Data & AI World Keynote Theatre (9 March from 10:40 – 11:05) on Faster, Cheaper, and Greener BigData. Babaee says, “Investing in efficient technologies is a proven way to innovate while reducing costs. But efficiency has another benefit: recent research has shown that efficient software lowers CO2 emissions significantly. As an efficient software, Aerospike Database gives businesses access to faster, cheaper, and greener BigData. This talk is a must-attend for any business looking to gain a competitive advantage while reducing its carbon footprint.”

OneTag’s Daniel Pirchio, Founder and CEO, and Federico Soave, Head of Infrastructure, will join in a fireside chat with Martin James, Aerospike VP of EMEA, on 8 March at 11:25 GMT. They will discuss how Aerospike has enabled Onetag to reshape the future of programmatic advertising and go from a small regional DSP to a global privacy focussed SSP. The Aerospike Real-time Data platform supports the programmatic ad tech leader with greater functionality and ease while reducing costs and carbon emissions to allow for growth.

Aerospike recently announced Aerospike Connect for Elasticsearch. Integrating with the full-text market leader allows developers to use a popular open-source analytics engine that delivers fast, comprehensive Full-Text search capabilities for Aerospike Database 6.

For more information about Aerospike, please visit www.aerospike.com.

About Aerospike

The Aerospike Real-time Data Platform enables organizations to act instantly across billions of transactions while reducing server footprint by up to 80 percent. The Aerospike multi-cloud platform powers real-time applications with predictable sub-millisecond performance up to petabyte-scale with five-nines uptime with globally distributed, strongly consistent data. Applications built on the Aerospike Real-time Data Platform fight fraud, provide recommendations that dramatically increase shopping cart size, enable global digital payments, and deliver hyper-personalized user experiences to tens of millions of customers. Customers such as Airtel, Experian, Nielsen, PayPal, Snap, Wayfair, and Yahoo rely on Aerospike as their data foundation for the future. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, the company also has offices in London, Bangalore, and Tel Aviv.