Building Reference Architectures: Aerospike and AWS

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Richard Lewis
Manager, Western Region Solution Architects
November 8, 2022|5 min read

Aerospike is proud to be a Platinum sponsor at re:Invent, and we’re also quite proud to have built both a technical partnership with AWS (read the Running Operational Workloads at Petabyte Scale white paper) and now a vertical go-to-market approach with them, as well. With over 40% of Aerospike’s customers already running on AWS, it became clear to each of us that there are commonalities to how Aerospike gets deployed on AWS in Ad Tech, Real Money Gaming, and Financial Services. Moreover, each vertical stands to learn from the other as oftentimes the nature of a deployment of Aerospike as a real-time data platform can apply horizontally, too.

Deployment patterns of Aerospike on AWS in Ad Tech

Aerospike plays at the heart of the world’s largest advertising technology organizations that have changed the way the world acquires product information online and Aerospike’s ad tech solutions rely on AWS Services to support the performance and scalability of their advertising solutions.

Today, ad tech allows for integration with third-party services, data providers, ad exchanges, bidding platforms, and more. Architectures for ad tech must be able to support ad publishing, ad serving, demand-side platforms (DSPs), supply-side platforms (SSPs), ad exchanges, and ad auction platforms.

Aerospike powers many features such as profile stores, dynamic creative optimization, and bidding engines. It can also act as a feature store, hold data about frequency capping, or be leveraged for bid stream injection, audience interoperation, click streaming, user journey paths, data governance, and fraud.

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Figure 1. Aerospike Reference Architecture in Ad Tech on AWS (source)

Feel free to reference more information on Aerospike on AWS for Ad Tech.

Deployment patterns of Aerospike on AWS in Real Money Gaming

Real money gaming consists of multiple service providers across the ecosystem, where Aerospike powers many of the big players including Sony, Dream11, Playtika, DraftKings, and more. Open systems integration is a big part of these organizations supporting the real-time interaction and exchange of data. AWS provides services to extend and integrate these platforms using services such as CDN, SNS, Elastic Load Balancing, and Autoscaling.

Architectures for real money gaming have multiple well-known components that support the ability to publish scores, serve customizations, personalization and gaming framework-based platforms. Aerospike works with some of the largest gaming companies that have changed the way gaming is architected to protect the end user from harassment, online bullying, and financial protections.

Aerospike powers in-game wallets, wait room matching, real-time score updates, real-time risk analysis, friend recommendations, massive scale, player state machines, real-time fraud detection, user-generated content, leaderboard, and match history, profiles and in-game partnering, and ingesting and operationalizing streaming data.

aerospike-gaming-architecture-aws diagram

Figure 2. Aerospike Gaming Architecture on AWS

Deployment patterns of Aerospike on AWS in Financial Services

Aerospike financial services solutions architectures are implemented by the industry’s largest financial services companies and institutions. Technology within financial services is focused on legacy providers and new technology challenger firms. Legacy banking organizations are generally going through modernization strategies, whereas challenger organizations are developing foundational platforms with modern technologies without the overhead of legacy investments.

These new organizations are focused on building out optimizations around banking, payments/fraud, brokerage/Capital Markets, and Insurance institutions while delivering them at the speed of now. Open systems integration is a big part of these organizations supporting the real-time sub-millisecond interaction and exchange of data to support EU Open Banking initiatives. (EU – ISO 20022)

Aerospike’s financial services solutions rely on AWS resources to build robust multi-region highly scalable solutions that deliver sub-millisecond latency solutions using various EC2 instance types deployed within isolated VPC environments within multiple regions. Aerospike and AWS support deployment models with different security groups to isolate traffic and secure the data that powers these solutions.


Figure 3: AWS Multi-Region, Active-Active Fault Tolerant Architecture with Aerospike

Aerospike on AWS

The Aerospike database on AWS helps customers avoid the complexity of cloud deployments and minimizes its cost while providing a platform that can accelerate application development. Aerospike offers multiple deployment options to fit your organization’s needs.

Aerospike offers you the opportunity to run on-prem, use hybrid deployments (on-prem and in the cloud), as well as multi-region cloud deployments in AWS to support your growth and operational flexibility. Many customers leverage Aerospike and AWS to help in locating data closest to your consumers for hub-and-spoke edge deployments. Migrating data to these environments can be achieved easily using Aerospike’s XDR cross-datacenter replication technology.

AWS provides storage-optimized EC2 instances that provide significant performance metrics in comparison to other Cloud providers that leverage shared storage solutions as well as “other than optimized” storage solutions. This enables Aerospike to drive significant sustained throughput to the storage subsystem for those workloads requiring high I/O for mixed workloads.

Aerospike solutions have the option to be deployed as EKS-based tasks, to support optimized deployment and management and simplify operational efficiency. When customers want to leverage Kubernetes, AWS EKS provides the stability they are looking for in leading-edge technology.

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