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Delivering real-time data to reduce bank fraud


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About the Company

TransUnion® is one of the three largest global credit reporting agencies

TransUnion has been enabling trust for over 50 years as a credit reporting agency, with a holistic understanding of consumer identity through decades of stewarding and analyzing data. They have expanded into areas like fraud, marketing, and customer-driven analytics through investments in new data sources and technology, delivering “Information for Good” to allow consumers and organizations to transact with confidence.


Adding TransUnion identity data to banks’ customer review in milliseconds

Banks need to make real-time decisions about new customers looking to open accounts. Acting too slowly can frustrate or even drive away potential customers. Acting too fast can let fraudulent actors through. TransUnion has the data assets and expertise to help, but adding another layer and vendor to the account origination process would slow things down.

Onboard customers with real-time expectations

The pandemic accelerated pressure on TransUnion’s global bank customers, closing branches and increasing consumer expectations for digital efficiency. Bank account origination process was slowed by the need for fraud checks.

Add real-time data to ML fraud models

Providing TransUnion’s leading data and identity solution into banks’ ML models was limited by the physics of data center distance, a minimum 150 milliseconds.


Moving TransUnion’s proprietary data into customer environments demands high security.

How TransUnion Reduces Bank Fraud with Aerospike’s Multi-Model Database

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TransUnion TruValidate solution securely delivers real-time data to power bank fraud models.

Aerospike enables TransUnion to put its database in its banking customers’ data centers while maintaining control and security.

Aerospike Cloud Managed Service & AWS

TransUnion uses Aerospike Cloud Managed Service (ACMS) which runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Aerospike XDR (cross-datacenter replication) lets TransUnion locate its data at the bank’s edge, essentially letting them move the perimeter without rearchitecting. XDR syncs updates from TransUnion’s data center cluster.


Strict security, access controls, and auditability gives TransUnion confidence to store data with customers.


Edge data in banks’ private clouds (VPC) syncs back to TransUnion data center.

Solution areas


TransUnion delivers its TruValidate anti-fraud solution to leading banks, in real time

Real-time fraud detection

Low latency database that can be architected to run at the edge lets TransUnion deliver data in 25-30 milliseconds, down from 150-200 milliseconds.

Scale at low TCO

Hybrid Memory Architecture (HMA) delivers results of memory with SSDs, letting TransUnion grow from 6 TB to nearly a petabyte (PB).

Simple but robust architecture

Cross datacenter replication (XDR) delivers data to customer environment with just a few clicks. No rearchitecting required.

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