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Monitor Aerospike Vector Search


This page describes how to set up monitoring for Aerospike Vector Search (AVS) using metrics in the Prometheus and Open Telemetry formats. This makes integrating AVS metrics into your existing monitoring system highly compatible.

Configure scrape targets for monitoring

Use the following steps to configure AVS monitoring.

  1. Configure the manage ports on AVS:

    # Management API listening ports, TLS and network interface.
    5040: { }
  2. Add the following scrape targets in your prometheus.yaml file:

    # New job for aerospike_vector_search
    - job_name: 'aerospike_vector_search'
    metrics_path: '/manage/rest/v1/prometheus'

    #if you are using TLS on AVS
    ca_file: /etc/prometheus/certs/ca.crt
    cert_file: /etc/prometheus/certs/client.crt
    key_file: /etc/prometheus/certs/client.key
    # If the service uses a self-signed certificate set the following to true
    insecure_skip_verify: true

    # list all your nodes for your AVS cluster here, along with port.
    - targets: ['', '']

Grafana dashboards and alerts

After you have started collecting metrics, you can monitor your system with the AVS Dashboard. See the Monitoring Stack documentation to learn about downloading and installing Aerospike Dashboards. An example of the AVS dashboard is pictured below.



Check out the full list of metrics available from AVS in our Metrics Reference.