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Aerospike Vector Search 0.3.0 Release Notes

March 11, 2024

Description & Highlights

Aerospike Vector Search 0.3.0 is the first version of AVS available for download externally.


AVS 0.3.0 is Alpha release.

New features

  • Geometric Cache with Query Steering - AVS now caches query results based on the location of the resulting query in vector space. This can be scaled out to improve both throughput and latency and allows for a two-tiered approach to scaling (i.e., scale AVS as a cache and scale Aerospike Database separately as a storage solution). While there are still some improvements to make in this feature, the current version is suitable for customers to try against very large datasets (100M vectors or more).

  • Additional Vector Distance Calculations - AVS now uses several distance calculations that take advantage of specialized instructions on certain chipsets. This improves performance and search accuracy by ensuring that the proper distance calculation in your search for which a given model is optimized.

  • Index API Completion - You can now delete and recreate indexes, making it easier to work with the product preview to build multiple example applications.