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Aerospike Vector Search 0.4.0 Release Notes

May 12, 2024


This AVS version implements a variety of fixes, feature requests, and improvements to enhance usability and reliability.


AVS 0.4.0 is a Beta release.

New features

This release adds a delete operation to AVS. [VEC-16]


  • In the client API, removed some Aerospike-specific terms, added support for excluding fields in field projection, and added support for the boolean field type. [VEC-157]

  • Improved cache entry layout to improve performance, compacted cache element storage to reduce the number of objects and GC load, and reduced memory consumed per cache entry. [VEC-156]

  • Improved update functionality. [VEC-23]

Issues fixed

  • Applied load balancing over query steering to prevent hot queries from overwhelming a single node and bringing down QPS, which could increase latency. [VEC-87]

  • Reduced the gap in quality results when compared to FAISS HNSW. [VEC-35]

Supported Clients

This release supports the following AVS clients:

Known Issues

  • Sending an insert to a record succeeds even if the record exists. An insert should succeed only if the record does not exist.