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AVS Python Client 0.6.0 Release Notes

May 14, 2024


This Python client version implements a variety of fixes, feature requests, and improvements to enhance usability and reliability.


This Python client version is only compatible with AVS version 0.4.0.

New features

  • Added insert, update, upsert. Removed put. [CLIENT-2927]
  • Added delete. [CLIENT-2928]
  • Added numpy array support for vector parameters in the following methods: [CLIENT-2895]
    • vector_search
    • insert
    • update
    • upsert
  • Added “validation_checks” parameter to wait_for_index_completion. [CLIENT-2949]
  • Added AVSServerError and AVSError. Client methods will now raise AVSError rather than RpcError. [CLIENT-2950]


  • Replaced any usage of “bin” with “field”. [CLIENT-2945]
  • Removed any usage of “digest”. [CLIENT-2946]

Issues fixed

  • [CLIENT-2947] - Fixed tending bug related to deleting endpoints.