Artificial Intelligence

Build the highest performing, most precise, and cost effective AI

Build AI apps to act on massive amounts of real-time data to build an infinite context window on less infrastructure.

Accurate predictions, faster

Feed insatiable AI algorithms to successfully ingest, persist, search, and retrieve from massive amounts of data at the industry’s lowest latency.

No more limits

Achieve performance, scale — billions of graph vertices, each with 1000s of edges or large amounts of vectors — and reduce costs by 80%, all at the same time.

Maximum flexibility

Choose the best representation for your AI features by using one database that can handle vector search, key-value, and graph for all real-time AI use cases.

Powering AI applications for industry leaders
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Use cases

From startups to enterprises, businesses of all sizes rely on data to make mission-critical predictive decisions.

Retrieval augmented generation (RAG)

Integrate real-time data retrieval into the generative process to improve quality and relevance while preventing hallucinations.
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Semantic search

Leverage foundational models to search across a wide range of data types such as text, images, video and music.


Hyper-personalization for better customer experience, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Fraud prevention

Minimize friction and false positives in real-time while accurately detecting and preventing fraud.

Ad targeting

Deliver more personalized ads with higher precision with first party data, data clean rooms, or universal IDs.

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