Reduce carbon footprint without compromising performance

Database built for the planetTM

Efficient software means less hardware. Built for efficiency from the start, the Aerospike database enables organizations to vastly reduce their server – and carbon – footprint, resulting in much lower all-around costs.

80% server reduction

Dramatically reduce server or cloud instance footprint

5x less CO2

Lower carbon footprint with a resource-efficient infrastructure

20% lower TCO

Improved performance with a lower total cost of ownership of first-gen NoSQL and relational databases

Aerospike technology and partnerships

Aerospike 7.0 on AWS

Aerospike is optimized for AWS Graviton processors

  • 63% improvement in price performance
  • 27% savings in total cost of ownership
  • 49% savings in carbon emissions
  • 18% higher transactions per second


HPE and Aerospike

HPE Solutions with Aerospike can reduce costs, decrease energy consumption, and reduce carbon, server, and cloud instance footprints — while supporting business growth at the same time.



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