User profile store

Identify customers faster with user profile store

Faster user profile lookup leads to faster recommendations, faster and more complete fraud checks, and lower friction, and more conversions. So milliseconds count.

Remove friction from the user journey

Accessing user data consumes the most precious resource: time. This requires sub-millisecond performance for the first transaction to the billionth.

Conduct real-time decisioning on large, continuously updated datasets

Discover everything about your users at millisecond speed on the freshest, broadest set of data, from the most data sources.

Deliver personalization at scale, reliably

Applications can have hundreds of microservices supporting millions of concurrent users, so your database needs to be scalable, resilient, and cost-effective.

Industry leaders with the toughest user profile requirements choose Aerospike
Sony Interactive Entertainment
The Trade Desk
Snap Inc.

Why outstanding user profile stores are critical

Customer expectations, fickleness, and competitors are all obstacles to conversions whether you are a financial services org, a telecom, or an ad tech provider. Thus, rapidly surfacing user profiles for websites and apps is paramount to presenting the right information and offers before users become dissatisfied or worse, you cannot validate them and you’re exposed to fraud.

High-Performance User Profile Stores

Use Aerospike database to store and manage real-time data for distributed databases. Many were inspired by our customers in Ad Tech, Banking, e-commerce, gaming and retail. These advances make Aerospike uniquely suited for critical user profile workloads.

Some specific features of Aerospike that may be particularly useful for user profile stores include:

  • High performance/low latency

    Aerospike is designed to handle very high levels of read and write throughput, making it suitable for handling large volumes of customer data in real time.
  • Scalabilitiy


    As user profile stores grow in volume and complexity, they require an enterprise-grade real-time database like Aerospike that can routinely deliver predictable millisecond latencies at gigabyte-, terabyte-, and petabyte-scale.
  • Multi-Model


    Aerospike supports a wide range of data types, including strings, numbers, lists, maps, and more. This allows it to store a variety of customer data types, such as demographic information, purchase history, and preferences.

Surpass limits with Aerospike