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Spring Data Projections

Spring Data Aerospike supports Projections, a mechanism which allows you to fetch only relevant fields from Aerospike for a particular use case. This results in better performance, less network traffic and better understanding of what is required for the rest of the flow.

For example, consider a Person class:

public class Person {
public enum Gender {
private long id;
private String firstName;
@Indexed(name = "lastName_idx", type = IndexType.STRING)
private String lastName;
private Date dateOfBirth;
private long heightInCm;
private boolean enabled;
private Gender gender;
private String hairColor;
private String eyeColor;
private String passportNo;
private String passptCnty;

This is a moderately complex object, and a production object is likely to be more complex. The use case might call for a search box which shows the firstName, lastName and dateOfBirth fields, allowing the user to select a Person based on this criteria upon which the full object will be shown.

A simple projection of this object might be:

public class SearchPerson {
private String firstName;
private String lastName;
private Date dateOfBirth;

To tell Spring Data how to create a SearchPerson it is necessary to create a method on the Person class:

public SearchPerson toSearchPerson() {
return SearchPerson.builder()

Now the repository interface can be extended to return this projection:

public interface PersonRepository extends AerospikeRepository<Person, Long> {
public List<Person> findByLastName(String lastName);
public List<SearchPerson> findSearchPersonByLastName(String lastName);

Notice that the method name now dictates the return type of SearchPerson as well as changing the return value. When this method is executed, Aerospike loads the full Person objects out of storage, invokes the toSearchPerson on each person and returns the resulting SearchPerson instances. This reduces the required network bandwith to present these objects to the front end and simplifies logic.

A blog post with more details on projections can be found here.