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Version: Operator 2.0.0

Release Notes

New Features

  • Allow for hostNetwork to be set for Aerospike StatefulSet in CR. [PROD-1783]
  • Create a load balancer, optionally, for clients to discover Aerospike Pods in a cluster using the load balancer. [PROD-1902]
  • Allow multiple secrets to be mounted on Aerospike containers. [PROD-1782]
  • Allow for a configurable list of TLS certs on the server (multiple values for tls-authenticate-client). [PROD-1785]
  • Allow configurable non-default ports for heartbeat, fabric, and service traffic. [PROD-1786]
  • Allow the deployment of a cluster with any number of replicas regardless of the number of racks configured. [PROD-1910]
  • Control Aerospike Pod placement with configuration by allowing affinity, anti-affinity, and tolerations to be specified. [PROD-2213]
  • Support OLM. [PROD-2214]
  • Helm charts for Operator 2.0. [PROD-2215]


  • Use $MY_POD_NAME instead of hostname since it is not guaranteed to be the same as the pod's name. [PROD-1888]
  • Support Aerospike Enterprise Database 5.6.x and 5.7.x. [PROD-2216]
  • [PROD-2217] - Support Kubernetes 1.20, 1.21 and 1.22. [PROD-2217]

Breaking changes

The 2.0.0 custom resource spec has breaking changes to accommodate increased flexibility and broader coverage of deployments.