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Version: Operator 2.1.0

Release Notes

New Features

  • Aerospike Database support. [KO-32]
  • Support for LDAP external authentication. [KO-47]
  • Support for data and primary index on PMEM. [KO-81]
  • Ability to pass securityContext to init-container. [KO-50]
  • Custom docker registry for init-container. [KO-35]
  • Allow extra storage volumes that are not used by Aerospike namespaces. [KO-92]
  • Allow image pull secrets in Pod Spec for using images from private registries. [KO-93]


  • Allow encryption-at-rest key rotation on a live cluster. [KO-33]
  • Allow memory resource limit without requiring CPU resource limit. [KO-12]
  • During scale down, stateful set status check failures do not exponentially backoff. [KO-13]
  • Kube-rbac-proxy & Init-Container now accept resources field. [KO-54]

Bug fixes

  • Fixed XDR list fields ship-bins and ship-sets being ignored. [KO-53]
  • Fixed incorrect custom initContainers volume mount paths. [KO-39]

Known Issues


There is a known issue in OLM based installations ( and on Red Hat OpenShift) where upgrade to version 2.1.0 from 2.0.0, causes revoking of RBAC privileges required to run Aerospike clusters in Kubernetes namespaces other than the aerospike namespace.

If you are running Aerospike clusters in Kubernetes namespaces other than the aerospike namespace, re-grant the RBAC privileges following instructions here.