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Version: Operator 3.0.0

Release Notes for Aerospike Kubernetes Operator

New Features

  • Aerospike Database Enterprise version 6.4.x.x support. [KO-254]


  • Support key. [KO-132]
  • Remove unused files from bundle and helm-chart. [KO-190]
  • Aerospike Operator to support CA-Path along with CA-File. [KO-218]
  • Avoid unnecessary Kubernetes Service resource creation and Kubernetes node API calls. [KO-219]
  • Segregate Operator and AerospikeCluster RBAC. [KO-220]
  • Move to CRD v1 API and update the Operator release channel to stable. [KO-221]
  • Re-initialize the volume if the corresponding PVC has been recreated. [KO-235]

Bug fixes

  • Operator unable to rollback specific fields causing unschedulable state for Aerospike cluster Pods. [KO-229]
  • LDAP not working with server images after [KO-239]

There is a known issue with upgrading from version 2.5.0 to 3.0.0. This upgrade scenario revokes the RBAC privileges required to run Aerospike clusters.

If you are upgrading from 2.5.0 to 3.0.0, follow these instructions to restore the required RBAC privileges for each Kubernetes namespace where Aerospike clusters are running.