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Dream11 serves millions of concurrent users at scale with Aerospike's real-time data platform


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About the Company

Dream11 is the world’s* largest fantasy sports platform

With 110 million+ users, Dream11 helps Indian sports fans to actively engage with real-life sporting events and showcase their knowledge of cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball, hockey, volleyball, handball, rugby, futsal, American football & baseball.

*in terms of the number of users


Scaling for high user engagement

With 100M+ users and 5.5M concurrent users, Dream11’s main challenge came down to scale. After facing operational issues during IPL 2020, Dream11 determined they needed a solution that could scale seamlessly to meet their business needs and maintain the trust of their customers.

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    Scalable architecture

    Required a solution that could scale up elastically to higher traffic during IPL months and then down to normal traffic at other times
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    High availability and strong consistency

    Needed 99.99% uptime with zero outages and support for strong consistency
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    Fault tolerant and durable

    Application should be highly stable with no data loss

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Benefits realized with Aerospike

Using Aerospike’s high performance real-time data platform, Dream11 was able to achieve:

Improved scalability

Dream11 is able to process records at a rate of 1 million transactions per second

Low latency

Transactions are processed at a low latency of under 15 milliseconds

High availability with strong consistency

Reliable 99.99% uptime with strongly consistent reads and writes

Automatic sharding

Operational simplicity utilizing automatic sharding

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