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Version: Operator 2.4.0

Release Notes for Aerospike Kubernetes Operator

New Features

  • Support for Strong Consistency mode. [KO-117]
  • Support for batch upgrade/downgrade for cluster nodes in a given rack. [KO-45]
  • Enhancing namespace management (Allows adding and removing a namespace or namespace storage devices and files). [KO-26]


  • Automatically set migrate-fill-delay to zero when the operator is scaling down the cluster and reset after completing the scaling down. [KO-36]
  • Scale up all the racks in parallel and then wait for them to be ready. [KO-119]
  • Running disk cleanup operation in parallel during initialisation and upgrade operation. [KO-131]

Bug fixes

  • Allow empty common storage config in Aerospike cluster CR. [KO-83]
  • Quiesce command is failing for the last node while deleting the namespace. [KO-124]
  • Long-running init containers failing due to missing ConfigMap files. [KO-126]

Known Issues

  • Latest OLM (0.22.0) does not fully support ARM architecture.

OLM-based installations ( and on RedHat OpenShift) have a known issue with upgrading from version 2.3.0 to 2.4.0. This upgrade scenario revokes the RBAC privileges required to run Aerospike clusters in Kubernetes namespaces other than the aerospike namespace.

If you are upgrading from 2.3.0 to 2.4.0 and are running Aerospike clusters in Kubernetes namespaces other than the aerospike namespace, follow these instructions to restore the required RBAC privileges.