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Platform support and compatibility

Aerospike provides Maintenance and Support for 2 years (24 months) starting with Release 6.3 effective immediately upon the release of a new Generally Available (GA) version of the Aerospike Database Server. Maintenance and Support for releases previous to 6.3 are described in the following table.

Aerospike Database release GA and support schedules LTS
General availabilityNovember 15, 2023August 3, 2023March 31 2023December 2 2022August 30 2022
Support end dateNovember 15, 2025August 3, 2025March 31, 2025March 2 2024February 28 2025

Supported Linux releases

The following table lists the supported operating system (OS) versions for each Aerospike Database release. Aerospike will provide updated distributions in the form of patch releases to address security vulnerabilities in the underlying supported OS version, as long as the OS itself is still actively supported.
RHEL91, 891, 8, 791, 8, 781, 78, 7
Ubuntu22.04, 20.0422.04, 20.0420.04, 18.0420.04, 18.0420.04, 18.04
Debian12, 1112, 11, 10 (x86_64 only)11, 10 (x86_64 only)11, 1011, 10
Amazon LinuxAL2023AL2023, AL2AL2AL2AL2

Client support

For information about client support, see the Client Matrix.

  1. Must have a kernel supporting 4K memory pages.