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Feature Guide Overview

These feature guides present details on the following topics:

  • Aerospike is a row-oriented database, where every record (equivalent to a row in a relational database) is uniquely identified by a key. The record's key and its other metadata live in the primary index. The record's data lives in the pre-defined storage device of the namespace it occupies. For a more detailed description read the Data Model section of the architecture overview. Aerospike supports key-value store and document store models.

  • Aerospike bins can each hold a distinct scalar or collection data type.

  • Aerospike allows value-based queries using secondary indexes, where string and integer bin values are indexed and searched using equality (string or numeric) or range (numeric) filters.

  • User-Defined Functions (UDFs) extend the functionality and performance capabilities of the Aerospike Database engine.

  • In Aerospike, the aggregations framework allows fast, flexible query operations. Similar to MapReduce systems, aggregation emits results in a highly parallel fashion.

  • Aerospike supports storage, indexing and querying of Geospatial data expressed as GeoJSON.