Graph database

A scalable graph database for real-time data

Massively scalable, high-performance graph database. Developer-ready with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Highly scalable

Run OLTP graph queries in real-time and at any scale.

Easy to program

Express your business logic in a graph native query language.

Lowest TCO

Independently scale compute and storage for efficiency and flexibility.

The developer-ready, highly scalable graph database

Aerospike Graph was designed to meet and exceed the requirements of the most demanding large-scale property graph database workloads.

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  • Scalabilitiy

    Unlimited scale

    To billions of vertices, each with 1000s of edges
  • High performance at scale

    <5 milliseconds for multihop queries
  • Multi-Model


    Supporting graph, document, and key-value data models
  • Lowest TCO

    Current offerings are just too expensive to become ubiquitous

Visualize Aerospike Graph database

Visualize Aerospike Graph database

Our partner, gdotv, provides a feature-rich Gremlin IDE and data visualization software.

  • View your Aerospike Graph data schema and navigate your graph interactively
  • Query and edit your data with ease using the many data-schema aware features and embedded Gremlin documentation
  • Visually analyze your high performance graph data with extended customization options

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Graph database architected for extreme scale and efficiency

Aerospike Graph features a unique architecture that enables data teams to scale compute and storage independently, preventing over-provisioning and over-spending on either resource.

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Graph architecture


Developer-ready graph database

Developers turn graph ideas into reality by loading graph data, running interactive graph CRUD queries, or writing Java/Python clients. View the documentation for each as well as the Gremlin tutorial.

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