Identity Graph

Reach your audience at scale

Build identity resolution, personalization, targeting and retargeting, attribution, and other services without cookies. Create identity graphs with first party data, cleanrooms, and additional sources efficiently at scale with the Aerospike Graph database.

Increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Tailor more personalized and effective campaigns by creating probabilistic models without cookies employing graph data at scale.

Create a holistic customer view

Mitigate signal loss and consolidate customer data from various touchpoints, devices, and third party data sources into a single, unified golden record.

Activate data in real-time

Lessen reliance on cookies by using first-, second-, and third-party data and activating that data in real-time.

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Evolve your identity resolution

90% of the open internet will become unaddressable with the deprecation of cookies. This loss of such vital deterministic signals for identifying customers on the open web is rapidly being replaced by more probabilistic data structures served up by a graph database. With this loss of deterministic signal, Ad Tech and martech firms should look to build their solutions using newer data sources and graph data models to meet this need.

Why identity resolution on graph databases?

Any financial institution, e-commerce company, or service provider with a serious risk of fraud has invested in a portfolio of countermeasures, including transaction monitoring, risk profiles, rules engines, and machine learning. But organizations with the most to lose must counter increasingly sophisticated fraud attempts with increasingly sophisticated technology, most recently in the form of graph databases.

Advantages of Aerospike for identity graph and beyond

The Aerospike database has over a dozen patents for storing, distributing, and managing real-time data for distributed databases, many were inspired by our Ad Tech customers. These advances make Aerospike uniquely suited for critical Ad Tech identity resolution workloads:

Identity graphs are increasingly used in real-time use cases such as fraud detection, risk analysis and customer 360 applications that require fast access to customer data. Some specific features of Aerospike that may be particularly useful for identity graphs include:

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