Database sustainability explored at Aerospike APJ Summit 2023

What does the path toward sustainable data look like? Is it possible to reduce CO2 emissions and costs without compromising overall efficiency? These five sessions from Aerospike Summit APJ 2023 tackle green data head-on and offer environmentally conscious solutions for working with real-time data.

Alex Patino
Alex Patino
Marketing Manager
December 8, 2023|5 min read

This past September, our Aerospike APJ Summit, held in Bengaluru (Bangalore), India, brought together technologists from around the world to address the state of real-time data in a world increasingly concerned with sustainability. During the event, keynote speakers shared their firsthand experiences in leveraging sustainable data practices, sharing how Aerospike is at the forefront of transforming their technology stacks to better meet sustainability goals. Here are five keynote sessions with valuable and actionable insights for organizations looking to modernize their data infrastructure.

Five sessions on sustainable data

Scaling Aerospike with Kubernetes

In this session, Flipkart’s Sharath B. P. and Sandesh Kumar Gupta share their journey with Aerospike and Kubernetes. They share how their team successfully scaled its Aerospike deployment with Kubernetes while using a central database-as-a-service (DBaaS) team to manage it.

The Flipkart team transitioned from VM-based deployments to Kubernetes to optimize resource utilization and scalability and to improve overall cluster management. Watch the session to understand how Aerospike Cloud helped to enhance overall developer productivity and how the Kubernetes operator creates a seamless management experience with PVC scaling, Helm charts, CI/CD pipelines, and automations designed to make deployments as easy as possible.

Explore more about the Aerospike Kubernetes Operator control tool in our blog, Simplifying Aerospike management on Kubernetes.

How technology can save humanity

What role does technology play in environmental and sustainable challenges? Is it the solution, or is it the problem? Could it be both? This session, presented by Professor Raghu Murtugudde, looks at technology’s impact in addressing these issues across the defense sector, transportation, and energy.

In this motivational presentation, Dr. Murtugudde hones in on our collective human impact on the Earth’s system and how data (vast amounts of it) is helping us craft stronger, more intelligent, and impactful models for helping humanity get on the path toward sustainability. He notes how the latest advancements in artificial intelligence can serve as potential solutions to analyze complex climate model outputs and better understand impacts on the water, agriculture, and transportation sectors.

How can we make our data platforms greener? Our white paper, Sustainable real-time data processing with Aerospike, has more valuable insights.

Aerospike server deep dive

What can customers expect from Aerospike Database 7? In this session, Ronen Botzer, Director of Product, spotlights its headlining features and notes the significant advancements and enhancements that continue to make Aerospike Database 6 so successful.

In his presentation, Botzer notes how server 7.0 unifies storage format for in-memory namespaces, its new multi-tenancy deployment features, developer API enhancements, and more.

After the video session, read Botzer’s technical overview of In-memory database improvements with Database 7. Follow it up with Introducing Aerospike Database 7, a comprehensive overview from our Chief Product Officer, Lenley Hensarling.

Aerospike Graph: Massively scalable, high performance

“Graph solutions are key for uncovering relationships across diverse data sets,” states Vikranth Dharamshi, Aerospike Sales Engineer – APAC, at the onset of his presentation on Aerospike Graph.

In this session, Dharamshi gives a holistic overview of graph databases: the surging interest in graph databases, how identity graphs enable organizations to comprehend customer transactions and experiences better, and how Aerospike Graph provides the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) solution.

Aerospike Graph archives vast scale with graph data, supporting billions of vertices, each with thousands of edges. It also provides efficient data loading, real-time performance and is architected to scale, compute, and store independently for the most efficient use of resources. Support for the standard Gremlin query language gives developers the best possible experience in bringing their graph solutions to life.

Our Aerospike Graph white paper has many more details for you to explore.

Aerospike observability stack: Manage what matters

Debarun Dasgupta – Aerospike’s Head of Sales Engineering and Consulting for APAC – kicks off his presentation with a quick overview of Aerospike’s observability stack: “The stack is based on Prometheus and Grafana, so in every node, an exporter runs the Prometheus exporter to export metrics to Prometheus. Grafana visualizes those metrics using dashboards, and we have integrated with Alert Manager to notify endpoints like Slack or PagerDuty.”

Dasgupta details new features, such as enabling YAML-format configurations, supporting OpenTelemetry for metrics integration with third-party tools, and streamlining dashboards for better monitoring. Watch until the end for a Q&A session on topics such as auto-healing systems and application-level observability.

Want to dive in deeper? Check out the Manage what matters with the new Aerospike Observability Stack blog for a technical walkthrough on getting started.

Watch more from Aerospike APJ Summit 2023

When it comes to sustainable data, we have a lot to say. Our YouTube channel has all the Aerospike APJ Summit 2023 sessions, including presentations from partners like InMobi, Dream11, and TransUnion, among others, all of whom are using Aerospike to scale with environmental awareness. Explore the playlist to see how green data can help shape our world for the better.