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Make sure to consult and search over the Knowledge-Base topics as a wide variety of issues and remediations are covered there.

Diagnosing Problems

Whenever you need to diagnose system problems (and before contacting Aerospike Technical Support), we recommend that you review the following points:

  • If you are having problems in starting up a server, check the server logs. The logs usually mention the reason for startup failure.
  • If the servers are already running, check system information by running asadm and using the info command. Ensure none of the statistics are in red.
  • Check for cluster problems:
  • Check your client machines (application servers and application logs).
  • Check the network (switches/routers/firewalls/load balancers)
  • Some problems could be data related and need to be corrected on application side.
  • Search through our Knowledge-Base reference guide if the issue observed has been previously reported - Knowledge-Base Reference.

The troubleshooting pages in this section of the documentation provide details for how to address some common problems you may encounter when running the Aerospike software.

Check for Aerospike Software Upgrades

After you figure out the problem, be sure to check the release notes to see if a newer version of Aerospike Database resolves your issue. If you need to upgrade your server software, you can do a hot upgrade using rolling upgrade procedure described here.

In the troubleshooting pages, we assume that you know how to do the following standard tasks with Aerospike Database: