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Monitoring is essential for any mission critical deployment. It can decrease operational response time to hardware failure, network problems, and software errors.

Aerospike metrics

Aerospike offers many metrics useful for monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The metrics are grouped into the following categories. These categories map to system components:

Key metrics to monitor

For a minimal list of recommended metrics to monitor, see Key Metrics to Monitor.

Metrics reference

For complete list of metrics, see the Metrics Reference. The reference also shows how to use asinfo and asadm to see the metric data.

Monitoring solutions

Monitoring tools can provide actionable data for your operations team to address immediate system problems and to plan capacity for future scaling.

Aerospike metrics can be integrated with many different database monitoring solutions, including standalone tools and third-party plugins.

Aerospike Monitoring Stack
with Prometheus Exporter
Aerospike Monitoring StackYesYes
Aerospike Management ConsoleAerospike Management ConsoleYesNo
Aerospike LogsAerospike LogsNoYes
Data DogData Dog DocsYesYes
InfluxDataTelegraf Plugin for AerospikeYesYes
* Solution has third-party plugin for Alerting or Trending