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Aerospike Information Tool (asinfo)

asinfo is a command-line utility that provides an interface to Aerospike's cluster command and control functions. This includes the ability to change server configuration parameters while Aerospike is running.


Configuration changes made by asinfo are not persisted to the Aerospike configuration file. If a change requires persistence it must be added to the configuration file.


asinfo is included in the Aerospike Tools package, and by default installs to /usr/bin/asinfo. Use the --help option to view asinfo syntax and commands:

asinfo --help

asinfo can be configured with the tools configuration files. The following summary explains all configuration options. Refer to Aerospike Tools Configuration for more details.

-hlocalhostIP Address or FQDN of the target Aerospike server.
-p3000Service port of the target Aerospike server.
-tTLS name of host to verify for TLS connection.
-UAerospike user name.
-PAerospike user password.
--authINTERNALAuthentication mode. Values: ['EXTERNAL', 'EXTERNAL_INSECURE', 'INTERNAL', 'PKI'].
-vCommand to send to the target server. If not provided returns a default set of results. See Commands section below.
-ldisabledReplaced semicolons ';' in with line breaks in the response.
-VdisabledShow the version of asinfo and exit.
-Edisabledshow program usage.
--tls-enabledisabledEnable TLS on connections.
--tls-cafilePath to a trusted CA certificate file.
--tls-capathPath to a directory of trusted CA certificates.
--tls-protocols'-all +TLSv1.2'Set the TLS protocol selection criteria.
--tls-cipher-suiteSet the TLS cipher selection criteria.
--tls-keyfilePath to the key for mutual authentication.
--tls-keyfile-passwordnonePassword to load protected tls-keyfile. It can be one of the following: 1) Environment varaible: 'env:<VAR>' 2) File: 'file:<PATH>' 3) String: 'PASSWORD'. User will be prompted on command line if --tls-keyfile-password specified and no password is given.
--tls-certfilePath to the chain file for mutual authentication.
--tls-cert-blacklistPath to a certificate blacklist file.
--tls-crl-checkEnable CRL checking for leaf certificate.
--tls-crl-check-allEnable CRL checking for entire certificate chain.
--timeout5 secondsSet timeout value in seconds. TLS connection does not support timeout.
--config-fileRead this file after default configuration file.
--instanceSection with these instance is read. e.g in case instance a is specified section cluster_a is read.
--no-config-filedisabledDo not read any config file.
--only-config-fileRead only this configuration file.


asinfo -v "namespaces"
requested value namespaces
value is user_profile;test;bar

Aerospike's telnet port

Aerospike also provides a telnet service which is typically configured to port 3003. This service provides the same functionality as asinfo, once connected type the same commands you would normally pass to asinfo's -v option.


This option is not available for security enabled servers. This option can also be disabled by commenting out or removing the info stanza from aerospike.conf. It is also possible to bind this service to localhost by setting the address field to


telnet 3003
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.


For a comprehensive list of commands see the Info Command Reference