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Install Aerospike Tools

Aerospike Tools are optimized for 64-bit Linux distributions, and come packaged as Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) packages and Debian packages. Tools are also provided on macOS.

For details about supported operating systems and architectures see the Tools release notes and the download page.

Download Aerospike Tools

You can download Aerospike Tools manually from the download page. Make sure to read the Tools release notes of the version you are downloading. You can automate downloading versions of the tools package from the artifact repository. See the FAQ on downloads for details.

Base URL<version>/

Tools version 8.0.1 and later

Starting with Tools 8.0.1 where support for 64-bit ARM is introduced, the tools package follows the following naming convention:

Package name


version: 8.0.1 and later

distro: debian10, debian11, ubuntu18.04, ubuntu20.04, ubuntu22.04, el7, el8, el9, amzn2023,macOS

architecture: x86_64, aarch64, arm64 (Apple M1) - based on uname -m

wget -O aerospike-tools.tgz

Prior to Tools version 8.0.1

Prior to Tools 8.0.1, Aerospike Tools were all intended to run only on x86_64 architecture (on Linux distros or macOS).

Package name


version: 7.3.1 and later

distro: debian10, debian11, ubuntu20.04, ubuntu22.04, RHEL el7, el8, macOS, mac-catalina

wget -O aerospike-tools.tgz

Install Aerospike Database

Install on Red Hat

Install Aerospike Tools on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS, Rocky Linux, Amazon Linux, Oracle Linux, and other Linux distributions using RPMs (.rpm) and compatible with RHEL el8.

Install on Ubuntu

Install Aerospike Server on Ubuntu using Ubuntu packages (.deb).

Install on Debian

Install Aerospike Server on Ubuntu using Debian packages (.deb).

Install on macOS

Install Aerospike Tools on macOS (.pkg).


Aerospike Tools can read startup options from a common configuration file.