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Aerospike Database Release Notes

Aerospike Database Release Notes

September 29, 2023

Aerospike Database software version is now available.

This release is a hotfix for Aerospike server 6.3.


The following improvements are included with this hotfix.


(MIGRATION) Limit outstanding migration metadata to ~32MiB per incoming migration. [Note: this introduced an issue fixed in AER-6691.]

Editions affected: Enterprise & Federal


(FABRIC) Improved performance of fabric when using TLS.

Editions affected: Enterprise & Federal

Bug fixes

The following issues are resolved with this hotfix.


(SINDEX) For storage-backed data-in-memory namespaces, rebuilding secondary indexes during cold start may generate spurious warnings.

Editions affected: Community, Enterprise, & Federal


(KVS) Aerospike is compatible with Linux kernels supporting a 4K memory page size. Larger page sizes cause memory allocation incompatibilities for jemalloc and mmap-based features such as indexes in flash or PMem.

Some RHEL 7 and RHEL 8 variants for 64-bit ARM have changed their default kernels to a 64K memory page size, and are therefore no longer supported. Aerospike users with deployments on these operating system versions must upgrade to one whose kernel has a 4K page size. This includes all 64-bit ARM RHEL 9 variants where RedHat reversed the default page size to 4K. Amazon Linux 2 and Amazon Linux 2023 on 64-bit ARM are not affected.

Editions affected: Community, Enterprise, & Federal

Known issues

Known issues for