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Aerospike Database Release Notes 6.3

Aerospike Database Release Notes 6.3, March 30, 2023

Aerospike Database software version 6.3 is now available.

New in this version

This version implements a variety of feature requests and improvements to enhance performance, usability and reliability.


  • Support for OpenSSL 3.0 in Enterprise and Federal editions
  • Aerospike Tools 8.2.

New features

  • Short query performance enhancement with inline-short-queries.
  • Using Aerospike for a multitenant data store is made easier by the new ability to cap the storage used by a set.
  • Log messages can now be streamed to syslog-compatible Unix domain sockets.
  • All Flash improvements - the namespace supervisor (NSUP) avoids duplicate resolution of records that have already been resolved during the relevant period.
  • Faster truncations
    • Truncate jobs leverage set indexes, significantly speeding them up. This optimization is skipped if the set contains tombstones.
    • truncate-threads now controls the number of threads used by a new truncate job. Users that truncate many sets concurrently should consider tuning this config.
  • Runtime resource protection:
  • Better Vault integration
    • Added support for Vault Enterprise through vault-namespace.
    • Refresh the Vault token by setting a new token and then dynamically configuring vault-token-file to the same path as before.
  • Deploy secondary indexes durably on Intel Optane™ Persistent Memory (PMem). The low cost, high performance, and memory density of PMem (compared to RAM) makes it possible for Aerospike users to create multiple secondary indexes on very large datasets.
  • The ability to compare a Map argument to a Map bin using Expressions with Document-oriented modeling.
  • New ORDERED_MAP and UNORDERED_MAP return types for map operations.
  • LuaJIT is back for clusters running on ARM64 machines.
  • This version and subsequent server 6.3.x Debian package software files (*.deb) and Red Hat Package Manager files (*.rpm) are now GPG Signed.
AER-6573(ACL) Added a short-time cache to reduce LDAP server traffic when a user logs in from many clients.
AER-6606(AUDIT) Removed security context configuration item syslog.
AER-6598(CDT) Added result types 'ORDERED' and 'UNORDERED' for maps.
AER-6603(DEPLOYMENT) Added new feature key items to distinguish a new Standard Edition from other Enterprise Edition flavors.
AER-6602(EXPRESSIONS) Allow map comparisons in expressions.
AER-6605(GEO) Updated geo (s2geometry) submodule.
AER-6579(INFO) Added service context configuration item info-max-ms to specify a timeout for info transactions.
AER-6574(INFO) Avoid repeated device mapping during namespace statistics info command.
AER-6587(KVS) Added namespace context configuration item disallow-expunge to prevent non-durable client deletes for AP namespaces.
AER-6589(KVS) Added namespace context configuration item stop-writes-sys-memory-pct as a new stop writes trigger.
AER-6586(KVS) Added set context configuration item stop-writes-size to limit the total data size of a set.
AER-6584(KVS) Avoid duplicate resolution of records which have already been resolved during the relevant period.
AER-6592(KVS) Use a separate set of threads for each truncate command, and leverage set indexes if possible.
AER-6600(LOGGING) Added logging context configuration item syslog to log to sockets.
AER-6588(QUERY) Added namespace context configuration item inline-short-queries to run short queries directly in service threads.
AER-6609(SECRETS) Added service context configuration item vault-namespace to support Vault Enterprise and
AER-6608(SECRETS) Made service context configuration item vault-token-file dynamic.
AER-6607(SECURITY) Support OpenSSL 3.0 in Federal Edition.
AER-6577(SINDEX) Added namespace context configuration item sindex-type and value 'pmem' to use persistent memory for secondary indexes.
AER-6596(STATS) Added some minor stats, and made assorted logging and debugging improvements.
AER-6591(STORAGE) Added a best practices check that a namespace's devices' sizes match.
AER-6585(STORAGE) Added storage context configuration item compression-acceleration for LZ4 storage compression.
AER-6590(STORAGE) Added storage context configuration item max-used-pct as a new stop writes trigger.
AER-6595(TLS) Added support for OpenSSL 3.
AER-6604(UDF) Updated LuaJIT submodule to an ARM-compatible version.
AER-6575(XDR) Allow DC namespace context configuration item ship-bin-luts to be set for connector DCs.

Breaking changes

  • Reissued feature key files to customers through the support portal. For details, see 6.3 Special Upgrade.
  • Removed support for Ubuntu 18.04.
  • Removed support for Debian 10 on ARM64.
  • Customers using the audit trail security features must modify their config when upgrading to server 6.3 or later.
  • The memory_used metric item was renamed to used_bytes. Refers to any secondary index storage (memory, persistent memory).
  • The namespace stat truncated_records has been removed.
  • The jobs info command was removed in server 6.3. Use the query-show info command instead. Upgrade applications using queries to one of the following client or connector versions before you use them with server 6.3.
    • Compatible client versions
      • Java client 5.1.6 or later
      • C client 5.2.3 or later
      • C# client 4.2.2 or later
      • Go client 5.4.0 or later
      • Python client 6.1.0 or later
      • Node.js client 4.0.0 or later
      • Ruby client 2.25.0 or later
    • Compatible connector versions
      • JDBC Driver 1.4.0 or later
      • Trino connector 1.2.0 or later
      • Spark connector 3.1.1 or later

Configuration, info, and metrics changes

Configuration item changes

disallow-expungeaddedenforces durable deletes in an AP namespace
info-max-msaddedspecify a timeout for info transactions
stop-writes-sizeaddedlimits the total data size of a set
max-used-pctaddedstop-writes trigger
stop-writes-sys-memory-pctaddedstop-writes trigger
sindex-typeaddedvalue 'pmem' to store secondary indexes in PMem
compression-accelerationaddedspeed (and CPU) versus compression rato tradeoff for LZ4 storage compression

Info command changes

jobsremoveduse query-show, query-abort

Metrics changes

memory_usedremovedreplaced by used_bytes
truncatingaddedboolean stat showing whether truncation is in progress in the set/namespace
nsup_cycle_delete_pctaddedcan be used to track if NSUP is keeping up

New developer APIs

  • MapReturnType.ORDERED_MAP and MapReturnType.UNORDERED_MAP.

Upcoming changes

In server 6.4:

Prerequisites and notes

Product lifecycle updates

Aerospike provides Maintenance and Support for 2 years (24 months) from it's generally available (GA) release. See Platform support for details.

Known issues

  • If you use equality secondary index queries that return a small number of records, you may see a latency increase in server releases 6.0-6.2. The inline-short-queries configuration option provides a partial fix in server 6.3, and a more advanced fix is scheduled for server 6.4.
    • If your secondary index query only returns 0 records or 1 record, meaning that it is acting as a unique index, you should consider converting such a query to a get/exists operation by creating a self-managed reverse index (lookup table).
  • Spark Connector version 3.5 starts using batch writes when possible, a feature which was introduced in Aerospike server version 6.0. Consult the Spark Connector rate limiting documentation before you upgrade the server. Pay attention to throttling write throughput, and use Spark Connector 3.5.5 or later, which fixes throttling behavior to conform to the aerospike.transaction.rate.
  • See Known issues for

Client/server feature compatiblity

To see which client features are supported in the various server versions, see the Client Matrix.