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Aerospike Database Release Notes 6.2

Aerospike Database Release Notes 6.2, November 17, 2022

Aerospike Database software version 6.2 is now available.

New in this version


Starting with server 6.2, Aerospike Database supports 64-bit ARM processors compatible with the ARMv8.2-A instruction set (Neoverse N1 microarchitecture), such as AWS Graviton2 processors. This augments support for 64-bit Intel/AMD processors compatible with x86-64-v2 microarchitectures.

Breaking changes

  • Removed support for Debian 9
  • Server 6.2 for ARM64 does not support LuaJit.
    • FFI module is not present in server 6.2.
    • Aerospike server 6.2 supports the standard Lua 5.1 interpreter.

A new package naming convention will affect download automation for new versions of the server, tools, Prometheus Exporter, C client. Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for details.

Prerequisites and notes

Product lifecycle updates

Long-term Support (LTS) releases are maintained and supported for 2.5 years (30 months). Interim releases are maintained and supported for 15 months. See Platform support for details.

Known issues

  • If you use equality secondary index queries that return a small number of records, you may see a latency increase in server releases 6.0-6.2. The inline-short-queries configuration option provides a partial fix in server 6.3, and a more advanced fix is scheduled for server 6.4.
  • If your secondary index query only returns 0 records or 1 record, meaning that it is acting as a unique index, you should consider converting such a query to a get/exists operation by creating a self-managed reverse index (lookup table).
  • Spark Connector version 3.5 starts using batch writes when possible, a feature which was introduced in Aerospike server version 6.0. Consult the Spark Connector rate limiting documentation before you upgrade the server. Pay attention to throttling write throughput, and use Spark Connector 3.5.5 or later, which fixes throttling behavior to conform to the aerospike.transaction.rate.
  • See Known issues for