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Installing Aerospike Prometheus Exporter on Linux

You can download the Aerospike Prometheus Exporter manually from the Download page. Make sure to read the release notes of the version you are downloading. Alternatively, you can automate downloading versions of the Exporter from the artifact repository.

Base URL<version>

Install on Red Hat systems (RHEL (8 and 9), CentOS etc.)

# Download the 1.9.0 Intel RPM package

# Install the rpm package
rpm -Uvh aerospike-prometheus-exporter-1.9.0.x86_64.rpm

Install on Debian-derived systems (Debian, Ubuntu etc.)


In server 6.3, Aerospike removed support for Debian 10 ARM64, and removed support for Debian 10 entirely in server 7.0.

Download the .deb package:

# Download the 1.9.0 ARM64 Debian package:

# Install the Debian package
dpkg -i aerospike-prometheus-exporter_1.9.0_arm64.deb

Install using binary package

Exporter version 1.9.0 and newer

Starting with server version 6.2/Exporter 1.9.0, where support for 64-bit ARM is introduced, the Exporter packages follows the following naming convention:

Package name


version: 1.9.0, and so on

architecture: x86_64, aarch64 - based on uname -m

Prior to Exporter version 1.9.0

Prior to (server version 6.2) Exporter 1.9.0, Exporter was intended to run only on x86_64 architecture.

Package name


Download the binary

Download the .tgz package containing the binary:

# Download and extract the package containing the exporter binary
wget -O aerospike-prometheus-exporter.tgz
tar -xvzf aerospike-prometheus-exporter.tgz

Install and run exporter:

# Run the exporter directly using the binary
./usr/bin/aerospike-prometheus-exporter --config ./etc/aerospike-prometheus-exporter/ape.toml

OR (for systemd based):

# install exporter binary
cp ./usr/bin/aerospike-prometheus-exporter /usr/bin/aerospike-prometheus-exporter

# install configuration file
mkdir -p /etc/aerospike-prometheus-exporter
cp ./etc/aerospike-prometheus-exporter/ape.toml /etc/aerospike-prometheus-exporter/ape.toml

# install systemd service unit file
mkdir -p /usr/lib/systemd/system
cp ./usr/lib/systemd/system/aerospike-prometheus-exporter.service /usr/lib/systemd/system/aerospike-prometheus-exporter.service

# Reload systemd manager configuration
systemctl daemon-reload