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Aerospike Database Release Notes 6.4

Aerospike Database Release Notes 6.4, August 3, 2023

Aerospike Database software version 6.4 is now available.

New in this version

This version implements a variety of feature requests and improvements to enhance performance, usability and reliability.


  • Support for Amazon Linux 2023
  • Support for Debian 12
  • Aerospike Tools 9.0
  • See Platform support for all currently supported platforms

New features

  • You can use Aerospike Secret Agent to fetch from AWS Secrets Manager
  • Allows secondary indexes to be stored in Flash
  • XDR partition affinity provides significantly higher shipping throughput, while using less service threads and socket connections
  • See the detailed Complete list of all new features
  • This version and subsequent server 6.4.x Debian package software files (*.deb) and Red Hat Package Manager files (*.rpm) are now GPG Signed

Configuration item changes

Configuration items added or enhanced

secrets-address-portaddedConfigures AWS secrets port.
secrets-tls-contextaddedSubcontext of network to use for the Secret Agent TLS.
secrets-uds-pathaddedConfigures a Unix Domain Socket (UDS) path.
sindex-type enhancedCan be set to "flash".
mount, mounts-size-limit, and mounts-high-water-pctenhancedNow apply to the "sindex-type flash" sub-context.

Configuration items removed

batch-max-requestsremovedUnlimited batch size requires monitoring of resources
scheduler-mode removed
max-used-service-threadsremovedNew XDR partition affinity uses less service threads and socket connections

Info commands changes

latenciesenhancedAdd options to Parameters section: {ns}-batch-sub-read, {ns}-batch-sub-write, {ns}-batch-sub-udf.
scan-abortremovedUse query-abort.
scan-abort-allremovedUse query-abort-all.
scan-showremovedUse query-show.

Metrics changes

sindex_flash_used_bytesaddedTotal bytes in-use on All Flash for the secondary indexes.
sindex_flash_used_pctaddedPercentage of All Flash in-use for the secondary indexes.
sindex-type.mount[ix].ageaddedPercentage of lifetime (total usage) claimed by OEM for underlying device.

Server log changes

DETAIL (key-busy)addedDescribes the digest, transaction type and transaction source of a possibly hot key.
sindex-flash-usageaddedDisplayed every 10 seconds by default for each namespace configured with 'sindex-type flash'.

Error code changes

  • Error code 151 (BATCH_MAX_REQUESTS) is no longer returned starting with server 6.4.

Complete list

AER-6624(INFO) Removed support for deprecated commands scan-abort, scan-abort-all, and scan-show.
AER-6625(KVS) Removed support for single-bin namespaces.
AER-6629(STORAGE) Increased granularity of storage state to avoid superfluous defragmentation in certain cases.
AER-6631(QUERY) Share partition reservations among concurrent short queries, to improve performance.
AER-6633(XDR) Distribute ship requests across service threads using partition affinity, improving performance and reducing the number of connections to remote clusters.
AER-6635(KVS) For index-type flash namespaces, avoid unnecessarily rebuilding index free queues during warm restart, improving performance.
AER-6636(UDF) Improved Lua cache management so that a module can be re-registered while in use.
AER-6637(XDR) Removed DC namespace context configuration item 'max-used-service-threads'.
AER-6643(STORAGE) Cold start from local devices if they are present and their shadow devices indicate the previous shutdown was clean.
AER-6644(SINDEX) Added value flash for namespace context configuration item sindex-type to use flash for secondary indexes.
AER-6647(STORAGE) Removed storage context configuration item scheduler-mode.
AER-6648(BATCH) Removed service context configuration item batch-max-requests.
AER-6649(BATCH) Abandon a batch transaction at the client-specified timeout.
AER-6650(LOGGING) Added special detail logging context "key-busy" to help identify hot keys.
AER-6651(SINDEX) sindex-type pmem context configuration items mounts-size-limit and mounts-high-water-pct should be dynamic.
AER-6652(SECRETS) Added support for fetching secrets from external services using Aerospike Secret Agent.
AER-6653(TLS) Added support for SAN in TLS certificates.
AER-6654(STATS) Added latency histograms for batch sub-transactions.
AER-6657(CDT) When operating on a nested CDT, return the more appropriate "incompatible type" (error 12) on not finding the expected CDT type.
AER-6659(STORAGE) Updated storage compression submodules.

Other changes

Changes in Tools 9.0

See Tools 9.0 Release Notes

Prerequisites and notes

Product lifecycle updates

Aerospike provides Maintenance and Support for 2 years (24 months) from it's generally available (GA) release. See Platform support for details.

Client/server feature compatiblity

For a complete list of client features and the server versions that support them, see the Client Matrix.

Ecosystem compatibility

Compatible client versions

  • Java client 6.0 or later
  • C client 5.2.3 or later
  • C# client 4.2.2 or later
  • Go client 5.4.0 or later
  • Python client 6.1.0 or later
  • Node.js client 4.0.0 or later
  • Ruby client 2.25.0 or later

Compatible connector versions

  • Trino connector 1.2.0 or later
  • Spark connector 3.1.1 or later

Known issues

Known issues for