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Speed up your digital apps with the performance of a cache and persistence of a database.

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Leading businesses rely on Aerospike to act in real time and serve as their foundation for the future.
Sony Interactive Entertainment
The Trade Desk
Snap Inc.

Eliminate tradeoffs between speed and persistence

To perform flawlessly, your applications need the speed of a cache with the persistence and resiliency of an always-on real-time data platform – the ideal combination. Only Aerospike can offer this combination with its patented Hybrid Memory Architecture™ (HMA) – whether on-premises or in the cloud.


Benefits of Aerospike CacheDB for data-intensive applications

Boost the performance of your existing databases and build interactive customer experiences for real-time use cases.


Key feature of Aerospike CacheDB

Develop with agility, build responsive, geo-distributed applications, and reliably store terabytes of data with automatic fail-over and Cross-Datacenter Replication (XDR).


Build agility into your apps

Simple content caching, legacy database augmentation, or anything that requires speed, consistency, and uptime.

User Session Store
User profile and web history data used in a shopping cart, personalization in a leaderboard, and real-time recommendation engine.
A scoreboard showing the ranked names and current scores (or other data points) of the leading competitors.
In seasonal cases or user spikes, caching can prevent the application from being overrun and can help avoid adding additional resources.
  • Speed up Access to backend DB

    Build a simple look-aside cache using one of our tutorials.

  • Integrate with Enterprise Environments

    Connect Aerospike with popular open-source frameworks like Spark, Kafka, Presto, and more.

  • Discover tutorials and samples

    Join an enthusiastic community of developers and learn from our subject matter experts in the Developer Hub.

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Get to know what Aerospike is, and why and how developers are using it. Find all the resources you will need to get started. Dive in and start developing.

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Customer spotlight
  • The Trade Desk achieves hyperscale for real-time bidding

    The Trade Desk is an advertising technology company that provides a self-service platform through which media buyers can purchase digital advertising.

    Aerospike runs at the edge as a cache for real-time bidding—which receives 11 million queries per second (800 billion queries per day) and also as a system of record on AWS to manage peak loads of 20 million writes per second in its “cold storage” of user profiles.

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Aeropsike CacheDB
  • AWS Marketplace

    Aerospike CacheDB is available as a fully managed cloud service on the AWS Marketplace with unified billing.

  • Zero Infrastructure to provision

    With no infrastructure to provision, monitor or manage, you get a white-glove user experience.

  • Grow as you need

    As your use cases grow you can easily add more resources with elastic scalability.

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