Aerospike’s $109M milestone and the next generation of AI databases

Subbu Iyer
Chief Executive Officer
April 4, 2024|4 min read

Today, we closed $109M in new funding led by Sumeru Equity Partners (for a total of $114M combined with existing investor Alsop Louie Partners). We’re absolutely thrilled to team up with Sumeru - it's a real nod to our growth and vision. Aerospike has long been the cornerstone of innovation for enterprises optimizing operations with data-hungry applications. This investment confirms that we’re on to something amazing. This is a proud moment and a testament to the hard work of our entire team. Huge thanks to everyone on Team Aerospike who worked so hard to get us here. 

During this process, it was clear that the Sumeru team really gets where we’re headed. They see us as the go-to real-time database for operational workloads and a key player in fueling modern AI applications. We’ll be using the investment to take our innovation to the next level and meet the growing demand for Aerospike’s graph and vector solutions.

Aerospike: Rocketing into AI’s future

AI and ML are boosting our success. AI craves massive amounts of data, with its accuracy intricately linked to the speed and scale of data ingestion and processing. That’s where we come into play. Aerospike enables developers to scale to their ambition, feeding AI and ML systems real-time data faster and at a significantly lower cost than traditional databases. In fact, we’re the engine behind many of the biggest AI and ML applications for global leaders like Adobe, AppsFlyer, Barclays, Flipkart, Myntra, PayPal, Riskified, and Wayfair.  

Aerospike empowers companies to scale data-intensive AI with the lowest latency, highest throughput, and the smallest footprint of any database on the market. Launched last year, Aerospike Graph has been a game changer with developer-ready, predictable,  millisecond multi-hop graph queries at extremely high throughput across billions of vertices and trillions of edges. Our new Aerospike Vector Search enables large-scale ingestion of real-time data for consistent accuracy at scale. 

Want to learn more about our unique point of view on AI? I encourage you to review this excellent run-down by Aerospike Chief Scientist Naren Narendran, illustrating how combining key-value, document, graph --- and now vector --- databases on the same platform delivers a unique, flexible, and powerful solution that clears the obstacles to AI success. Ensuring the accuracy of AI is one of the biggest challenges, and our CPO, Lenley Hensarling, also explains the need for context - literally - to improve decision-making in the GenAI era.

Eliminating traditional database tradeoffs

Aerospike’s success and opportunity go far beyond our expertise with AI and ML. How a company embraces data to fight fraud, power recommendations, automate systems, execute trades, and enhance customer value separates the leaders from the laggards in virtually every industry. But as enterprises demand more data in more places, complexity and costs skyrocket --- and performance and reliability plummet. 

We eliminate this Catch-22 and the legacy data architecture roadblocks. After more than a decade of aggressive innovation, Aerospike now serves as the multi-model, critical data foundation in these complex and constantly changing times. Enterprises can start building with Aerospike Cloud and affordably scale to 100s of millions of transactions per second. There’s no need to constantly re-platform or move data from one specialist database (document, graph, AI, etc.) to another. And it all happens on a fraction of the infrastructure other databases require, reducing server footprints and costs by as much as 80%

If you are a builder, I encourage you to check out our vector sandbox to get a better idea of what is possible when you have a blazing-fast database that is ready for whatever the future brings. We also continue to add more resources to our Developer Hub, where you can find tools and code to help you get up and running fast. 

Removing all the classic speed, scale, and cost friction in databases lets you focus efforts on the modern application experiences your customers demand. Together, we will unlock and accelerate an exciting future. Onward!

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