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Aerospike provides the following benchmark applications:

The following instructions are for the Java benchmark application. This application generates load on the cluster and calculates performance metrics for this Java client. The benchmark application is normally installed into the benchmarks folder during the SDK installation. The benchmark program is an actual application that you can use to test your cluster – the application is not a simplified example. The benchmark application is useful for checking end-to-end latency and optimizing performance in your system.

With the benchmark tool, you can:

  • Read and write data into the database at a particular read/write ratio.
  • Change the number of client threads to simulate client concurrency.
  • Look at latency distribution from the client side.

Install the Java client, including the benchmark utility

There are several paths to installing the Java client.


cd benchmarks
mvn package


The following command will start the default load:


For further information, see the Java Client's benchmark tool.

Check your cluster status with asadm

The asadm tool presents server/cluster statistics in an easy-to-read format. The info command provides information about your cluster, including node, namespace, object, etc. information. Complete information on asadm can be found in the Tools documentation.


The following example demonstrates asadm usage on a one node cluster:

$ asadm  -h -p 3000
Aerospike Interactive Shell, version 0.1.1
Found 1 nodes

Admin> info
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Network Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Node Node Ip Build Cluster Cluster Cluster Principal Client Uptime
. Id . . Size Key Integrity . Conns . *BB907DF26565000 E-3.8.4-110-g97826f6 1 9203DDDCEBEE7D97 True BB907DF26565000 2 01:43:20
Number of rows: 1

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Namespace Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Namespace Node Avail% Evictions Master Replica Repl Stop Pending Disk Disk HWM Mem Mem HWM Stop
. . . . Objects Objects Factor Writes Migrates Used Used% Disk% Used Used% Mem% Writes%
. . . . . . . . (tx%,rx%) . . . . . . .
test N/E 0.000 95.881 K 0.000 1 false (0,0) N/E N/E 50 7.150 MB 1 60 90
test 0.000 95.881 K 0.000 (0,0) 0.000 B 7.150 MB
Number of rows: 2