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Install Aerospike on Linux

Aerospike Database is optimized for 64-bit Linux distributions, and comes packaged as Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) packages, Debian packages, binary and source tarballs.

Check the platform support page for information about the versions currently supported.

Download Aerospike Database

You can download the Aerospike Database server manually from the Download page. Make sure to read the release notes of the version you are downloading. Alternatively, you can automate downloading versions of the server from the artifact repository. See the FAQ on downloads for details.

Base URL<edition>/<server-version>/

Server version 6.2 and newer

Starting with server version 6.2 where support for 64-bit ARM is introduced, the server package follows the following naming convention:


edition: community, enterprise, federal

server-version:, and so on

tools-version: 8.0.2 and later

distro: debian10, debian11, debian12,ubuntu18.04, ubuntu20.04, ubuntu22.04, RHEL el7, el8, el9, amzn2023

architecture: x86_64, aarch64 based on uname -m

wget -O aerospike.tgz

Prior to server version 6.2

Prior to version 6.2, Aerospike Database servers were all intended to run only on Linux distros and the x86_64 architecture.


edition: community, enterprise, federal

version:, and so on

distro: debian10, debian11, ubuntu20.04, ubuntu22.04, RHEL el7, el8, el9

wget -O aerospike.tgz

Install Aerospike Database

It is not necessary to use homogeneous versions or distributions of Linux for all nodes in a cluster, but all nodes must run on supported Linux distributions. In addition, using heterogeneous OS versions might cause troubleshooting to be difficult, because of an increased number of variables to consider.

Install on Red Hat

Install Aerospike Database on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS, Rocky Linux, Amazon Linux 2023, Oracle Linux, and other Linux distributions using RPMs (.rpm) and compatible with RHEL el8+. Amazon Linux 2023, available for server 6.4 and later, uses its own RPM no longer compatible with RHEL 7+. Support for Amazon Linux 2 and RHEL 7 were removed in server 7.0.

Install on Ubuntu

Install Aerospike Server on Ubuntu using Debian packages (.deb).

Install on Debian

Install Aerospike Server on Debian using .deb packages.

Building from Source

Build Aerospike CE from source on a 64-bit GNU/Linux system. Source code and instructions are available at the aerospike/aerospike-server repository on GitHub.

Tuning Best Practices

Follow the Linux tuning best practices to configure your servers for stability and performance.