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Verify an Installation


Use this procedure to verify that you have successfully installed Aerospike and that it is now running.

When you install Aerospike, the essential files are created in the following directories:

/etc/aerospike/                 - configuration files for Aerospike
/etc/aerospike/aerospike.conf β€” default configuration for Aerospike
/etc/init.d/aerospike β€” init script for Aerospike on non-systemd platforms
/etc/logrotate.d/aerospike β€” logrotate configuration for Aerospike on non-systemd platforms
/opt/aerospike/bin/ β€” binaries including Aerospike server and tools
/opt/aerospike/doc/ β€” documents, including licenses
/opt/aerospike/sys/ β€” system data files, maintained by Aerospike
/opt/aerospike/usr/ β€” user data files
/var/log/aerospike/ β€” log files emitted by Aerospike
/usr/bin/asd β€” Aerospike Server daemon

See Directory Structure for more details.

  1. Verify record operations:

    Use the Aerospike aql tool (installed at /opt/aerospike/bin/aql and linked in /usr/bin/aql) to insert and read a few sample records. Start by creating a new object with the key Aerospike in the test namespace that is part of the default configuration and adding three fields, name, address and email:


    macOS Vagrant Aerospike Server install also installs the Aerospike Tools in the Vagrant container. The Tools package, including aql, is accessible in the Vagrant container.

    aql -h -c "INSERT INTO test.demo (PK, name, address, email) VALUES ('Aerospike', 'Aerospike, Inc.', 'Mountain View, CA 94043', '')"

    Expected response:

    OK, 1 record affected.
  2. Retrieve the record and make sure it looks right:

    aql -h -c "select * from test.demo where PK='Aerospike'"

    Expected response:

    | name | address | email |
    | "Aerospike, Inc." | "Mountain View, CA 94043" | "" |
    1 row in set (0.002 secs)


  3. Delete the record and verify that it is deleted:

    aql -h -c "DELETE FROM test.demo where PK='Aerospike'"

    Expected response:

    OK, 1 record affected.

    Note that aql is intended for basic validation only. aql creates a new connection for every transaction and is not recommended as a production level client. Instead, use your application, integrated with Aerospike’s client libraries as described in the Development section.

  4. Now that you have a running server, pick a client library and start developing!

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