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Aerospike Database Release Notes

December 02, 2022

Aerospike Database software version is now available.

This release is a hotfix for Aerospike server 6.1.


  • Enterprise, Federal & Community

    • [AER-6581] - (LOGGING) Changed logging level for 'starting/finished aggregation query job...' messages from info to debug.

Bug Fixes

  • Enterprise, Federal & Community

    • [AER-6580] - (SINDEX) Deleting an indexed list or map containing multiple elements with the same value may leave inaccessible keys in the secondary index.
  • Enterprise & Federal Only

    • [AER-6582] - (XDR) Setting DC context configuration item tls-name after adding seed nodes which require it may cause a crash.

Known Issues

  • If you use equality secondary index queries that return a small number of records, you may see a latency increase in server releases 6.0-6.2. The inline-short-queries configuration option provides a partial fix in server 6.3, and a more advanced fix is scheduled for server 6.4.

  • If your secondary index query only returns 0 records or 1 record, meaning that it is acting as a unique index, you should consider converting such a query to a get/exists operation by creating a self-managed reverse index (lookup table).

  • Spark Connector version 3.5 starts using batch writes when possible, a feature which was introduced in Aerospike server version 6.0. Consult the Spark Connector rate limiting documentation before you upgrade the server. Pay attention to throttling write throughput, and use Spark Connector 3.5.5 or later, which fixes throttling behavior to conform to the aerospike.transaction.rate.

  • There is a possibility of partial de-duplicate (repeated records) in secondary index query (SI query) responses for SI queries that use list or map type secondary indexes. Any record that satisfies such a query at least once will be included, but it is possible and normal to see a record more than once.

  • Known issues for Server


Aerospike Tools 8.0.3