Digitally transform your applications with a modern, real-time data platform

Aerospike’s Real-time Data Platform Improves Conversion Rates and Customer Experience for New Tech Organizations

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Leading businesses rely on Aerospike to act in real time and serve as their foundation for the future.
Sony Interactive Entertainment
The Trade Desk
Snap Inc.
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The technology industry's real-time data imperative

All apps require an underlying database, and why should you remain constrained with legacy or open source technology – especially as you’re looking to grow your user-base to tens of millions of users? You should have the fastest underlying real-time data platform that won’t let your app fail, prevents response times from growing, scales seamlessly up to petabytes, and is simple to operate, right? One that is already relied upon by companies like Cybereason, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Playtika, Adobe, Snap, Wayfair and Grab, right?


Aerospike helps rapidly growing companies overcome their data challenges

The Aerospike real-time data platform lives at the Edge where it handles billions of transactions per second with sub-millisecond latency and 99.999% uptime. Aerospike powers massive device connectivity across highly distributed networks so you can instantly launch new services …even at scale. Moving to the cloud? Aerospike will run in any cloud.

Increase revenue
Instantly launch new services at scale with massive device connectivity across highly distributed networks. Enables autonomous everything "AE".
Reduction in customer churn through real-time usage analysis. Increased cross-sell and up-sell through real-time personalization.
Ultra low latency with industry-leading sub-millisecond latency responsiveness and performance. Highly scalable from 10’s to 100’s of millions of subscribers per application. Handles 300% application traffic growth with ease. Supports high data ingestion rates with real-time, ML-based decisioning.
99.999% uptime for business applications with zero downtime in 10 years. Leverage dynamic cluster management and multi-site clustering with strong consistency even at petabyte scale. Enable globally distributed transactions.
Customers typically reduce server footprint by 80% even as business and data grows. Reduces complexity and avoids server sprawl. Can be deployed in any private or public cloud. Lowers cost using Flash & PMem instead of DRAM.
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