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Aerospike Connect for Elasticsearch

Aerospike Connect for Elasticsearch streams data from Aerospike Database to Elasticsearch. This gives developers access to Elasticsearch's powerful text search capabilities on data in Aerospike.

Aerospike Connect for Elasticsearch uses the power of Aerospike's Cross Datacenter Replication (XDR) and Change Notification services to connect Aerospike and Elasticsearch. The connector seamlessly integrates Aerospike and Elasticsearch with a low-latency connection.

The connector makes Aerospike data available in an Elasticsearch index in near-real-time, thanks to its use of Change Notifications to monitor and asynchronously replicate Aerospike data and data mutations.

XDR's granularity allows developers many ways to fine-tune replication requirements in order to optimize your Elasticsearch cluster's memory resource usage.

Use Cases

The Aerospike Elasticsearch Connector is useful for developers who want to add text search capabilities to their real-time applications, as well as many other use cases, including:

  • Relevance and personalization applications.
  • Mining text for online user behavior analysis.
  • Providing observability and operational analytics via logs.
  • Building ML model training sets.

Mapping between Aerospike and Elasticsearch models

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