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Aerospike Monitoring Stack 3.2.0 Release Notes

January 10, 2024

Description & Highlights

Aerospike Monitoring Stack version 3.2.0 combines Prometheus Exporter metrics with relevant Aerospike metrics.

  • The Host-related dashboards require Prometheus Node Exporter.
  • To include the alert cluster label, you must add a cluster-name custom label to Prometheus Node Exporter.


  • Combine Node Exporter and Aerospike metrics in a single dashboard. [OM-158]
    • Supports analysis, issues, and activities like upgrade and node additions by showing critical Aerospike metrics alongside node and system metrics.
    • Covers migrations, latencies, and XDR in current release.
  • Add additional Node Exporter alerts. [OM-157]
    • Includes alerts related to memory, disk, network, and CPU utilization with customizable thresholds.