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Aerospike Prometheus Exporter 1.17.0 Release Notes

April 9, 2024

New in this version

This version implements a variety of feature requests and improvements to enhance performance, usability and reliability.

New features

  • Added a feature to detect and send the pod name or host name as a service label in Kubernetes or as an IP address in VM or Docker environments. [OM-184]

If you upgrade with a running Kubernetes deployment, the Exporter begins sending the pod name as a service label immediately after upgrading.

  • Updated gauge metrics with additional statistics. [OM-186]


  • Updated protobuf libraries to version 1.33.0. [OM-180]
  • Updated net module libraries version to 0.23.0. [OM-187]
  • Updated crypto module libraries version to 0.21.0. [OM-171]