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String Starts With Stream UDF Example

The recs_start_with() stream UDF filters for strings in the bin that have a specific prefix.

The local filter function starts_with() is a closure that takes the pair of arguments, and returns the required signature of a filter function. The filter function can now check whether a string value inside bin starts with the prefix.

local function map_record(rec)
local ret = map()
for i, bin_name in ipairs(record.bin_names(rec)) do
ret[bin_name] = rec[bin_name]
return ret

local function starts_with(bin, prefix)
return function(rec)
if rec[bin] then
local s = rec[bin]
if type(s) == 'string' then
return s:sub(1, #prefix) == prefix
return false

function recs_start_with(s, bin, prefix)
return s : filter(starts_with(bin, prefix)) : map(map_record)

This stream UDF has a mapper only (no reducer), which is used to cast records that pass the filter into a map of bin-name, bin-value pairs. The record itself is not a valid return type for a UDF.