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Aerospike Monitoring Stack 3.1.0 Release Notes

December 12, 2023

Description & Highlights

Aerospike Monitoring Stack version 3.1.0 includes new dashboards for Secret Agent and Host Details, as well as some critical bug fixes.


The Host Details dashboard requires Prometheus Node Exporter.


  • [OM-149] - Added the new Secret Agent dashboard.

    • Helps you monitor the Secret Agent component deployed alongside the Aerospike Server.
    • Provides information about connections to the cloud, vault, and server.
    • Displays errors related to fetching or serving secrets, including key errors, communication errors, and so on.
  • [OM-153] - Added the new Host Details dashboard.

    • Includes system metrics required to monitor the host running Aerospike Server.
    • Utilizes metrics from Node Exporter running on the host and displays key metrics as state, aggregate, and historical.
    • Provides metrics related to core, CPU utilization, network utilization, and errors.
    • Includes alerts related to memory, disk, network, and CPU utilization with customizable thresholds.
  • [OM-151] - Added support for microbenchmarks in Latency view.


  • [OM-150] - Cluster size was not always displayed correctly in cluster-view, rolling-restart, and multi-cluster view.