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Upgrade server 4.3.x or earlier to avoid XDR compression errors with server 4.8.x or later

In an XDR system with compression enabled, records cannot ship from a cluster running server 4.8.x or later to a destination cluster running server 4.3.x or earlier. The solution is to keep the version on the source cluster from getting ahead of the version on the destination cluster. Consider upgrading all clusters to server 4.9.x which is a required jump-version that makes important changes in preparation for upgrading to server 5.0.

  • When your system ships in one direction from a source cluster to a destination cluster, and both are running server 4.3.x or earlier, upgrade the destination cluster to server 4.9.x. Upgrading the source cluster is optional. If you and you upgrade the source cluster to server 4.8.x or later while the destination cluster is still running server 4.3.x or earlier, you will see error messages in the logs.

  • When your system has compression enabled and ships records back and forth between clusters running server 4.3.x or earlier, upgrade in stages. Upgrade one cluster to the highest server 4.7.0.x version, then upgrade the other cluster to server 4.9.x. Upgrading the server 4.7.x cluster is now optional.

Aerospike does not recommend disabling compression because of the effects it can have on your network. If you choose to disable compression, however, see Decompression fails on old XDR.

For more information about server 4.9, see the Release Notes.

For information about upgrading from server 4.9 to server 5.0, see Upgrade to Aerospike Server version 5.0.