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Upgrade to Aerospike Server version 5.0

Detailed here are the major improvements and changes in Aerospike Server version 5.0.

Must first upgrade to version 4.9 before 5.0

Before upgrading to Aerospike Server version 5.0, you must first upgrade to version 4.9.

Version 4.9 is a required step-version upgrade that makes important changes in preparation for upgrading to 5.0.

For more information about version 4.9, see the Release Notes.

Configuration parameters that must be removed

See this list of configuration parameters that are no longer allowed in the configuration file.

Aerospike Server version 5.0 will not start unless you remove them.

Improvements in Cross-Datacenter Replication (XDR)

The XDR feature has been redesigned for improvements in speed and simplicity.

See the following for complete details on XDR for version 5.0:

Change in XDR stanza structure

An important syntactical change in configuration parameters for XDR version 5.0 is that the xdr stanza is now simpler and more logical, with parameters in a hierarchy that is clearer than before.

The basic XDR stanzas for pre-version 5.0 and for version 5.0 are compared below. Only the basic structure is described, without any optional parameters.

  • enable-xdr is not needed.
  • XDR no longer relies on a digest log.
  • IP address and port can be followed by an optional variable reference of a TLS certificate, instead of the tls-node parameter.
  • The namespace sub-stanza is nested under the dc sub-stanza, instead of referring to the main `namespace` stanza that used to include the XDR-related configuration.
Pre-version 5.0
xdr {
enable-xdr true
xdr-digestlog-path /opt/aerospike/xdr/digestlog 100G
datacenter DC1 {
dc-node-address-port xx.xx.xx.xx 3000
tls-node yy.yy.yy.yy tlsname.remote.domain 3010
namespace test {
enable-xdr true
xdr-remote-datacenter DC1
Version 5.0
xdr {
dc dataCenter1 {
node-address-port someIpAdress1 somePort1 someTlsNameDefinition1
namespace someNamespace {

Changes in XDR configuration parameters and metrics

For the list of changes, refer to the parameters and metrics page.